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{#MEfactor}–In Case of An Emergency

{#MEfactor}–In Case of An Emergency

It’s not a matter of if an emergency will happen, but when it will happen. Today on the ME Factor Business Segment with Lady Shaunte on 760AM we discussed how to be prepared for an untimely emergency.

Create systems: Use a project management system like Asana.com to list and track each task. You should have a virtual stockpile of “What to do when…” systems. This will ensure that anyone can pick up your business and allow the emergency to appear seamless.

Train : If you are a soloprenuer you should have a virtual assistant or contractor who can step in when you need them to. Leave them instructions on how to operate your business or prepare them with training materials prior to the emergency. If you own a larger company, have a ‘next in charge’ team member who can answer the what if questions and take the burden that usually rests with you.

Communication: Be sure to communicate with your customers and team immediately. Your customer should know that their account or business with you will not stop but be shifted. You should then direct them to the team member who will work on their account or allow them to manage their own process through software like Asana or Basecamp. You will also want to keep your team informed by checking in, even if it is once a week. They should also understand that they can reach you in case of a business emergency. Just remember, people will also be more compassionate with them if you are honest with them and keep them in the loop.

Follow up: When you come back be sure to say thank you! Don’t leave your team or customers hanging by not appreciating their compassion and patience during your emergency.

Bonus: Be sure to have an emergency fund to pay employees when you are making less money. Also, look into long and short-term disability through your insurance company to pay you while sick.

You can listen to more tips at here. Also, tune in each Thursday to the ME Factor Business Segment on 760AM or http://www.ladyshaunte.com at 8:25CST.

Kia Jarmon is a brand strategist and PR coach with boutique public relations firm, The MEPR Agency.  She speaksblogsmentors, and is soon to be an author.  You can find more information at her personal brand site, www.KiaJarmon.com.

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