13 To-Do Business Items for 2013

13 To-Do Business Items for 2013

I love a good list! I have compiled 13 things that I believe –in some order– should be on your to-do list for the New Year.  Some of you may only need one or two while others may need the whole lot.  Take them and digest them as you need to and it is my challenge that on the other side of the year you create greatness.  Of course if you need help, I am available through the Brand Mapping program where we navigate your business or personal brand to fill any gaps, create new plans, or shift into some new territories.  I bid you a Happy New Year and hope that you find prosperity in areas beyond money!


Is Your Glass Half Empty? Run Your Business With What You Have

Is Your Glass Half Empty? Confidently run your business with what you have

Can you imagine walking into a clothing store and the employee says “thank goodness you’ve stopped in…we are down to our last dollar and your sale will help us pay the bills this month.”  Doesn’t that sound outrageous? And a little desperate?

While that example is an extreme one it is the way I see many businesses operate; with lack of confidence, defeated, and grasping for straws.  No one wants to hear how bad you are doing, how you are barely making it, why your business isn’t succeeding, or the threat of never starting because of a lack of resources.  Our culture seems to applaud the internal beating up of ourselves and encourages us to take that approach with others also.  This very through heightens our fear of reaching for success.


Kia Jarmon Joins Panel at Nashville Chapter of American Marketing Association’s December Meeting

20 Business Tools for Entrepreneurs

One of the hardest parts of being in business is actually running (or working on) the business and one of the second hardest lessons is learning how to create systems that make running your business more effective.  I have compiled a list of 20 of my favorite apps, gadgets and tools that make my life, and more importantly my business, run smoother. While this isn’t an overwhelming list I think you will find a few tools to add to your toolkit.  Most of these items are free or minimal in cost outside of the large techie items.



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