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Out of all the titles that Kia holds mentor is the one she carries the closest to her heart.  Her greatest joy is to share her experience, guide others, and be of counsel to those who need ongoing support.  Kia created her company’s Mentorship Project,  an online, experience driven learning and mentoring program for aspiring PR professionals but she also guides dozens more outside of the formal program.

Kia has created another mentoring program for those who are in the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, have been working on their business for years, or are a business who need a boost in morale.  Lunch & Learn with Kia Jarmon is an opportunity for YOU and Kia to have lunch and share some tangible, experience driven information.  This one-hour session is great for an individual or a company/organization who is looking for direction on a specific topic.  PS: Kia will pull a group of her trusted colleagues in also if you have specific needs like accounting, legal, human resources, etc.

Lastly, Kia also runs the company’s Brand Mapping sessions where she works one-on-one with non-profit leaders, business owners, and many others who are looking to map out their personal and professional brand starting with the foundation.

Each program is custom fit for the client and can be the one shift that leads to multiple results.

For more information on any of these sessions or rates please email info@mepragency.com or call 615.592.6377!

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